Skin Rejuvenation

We all have different skin concerns. It is during your skin consultation we are able to develop a plan specifically for you and the results you are wanting to achieve. Your skin program may include one or a few of the following treatments.


Acne is a common skin disorder affecting most people at various times in their life. Acne can be measured from mild to severe, anything from the odd hormonal pimple to severe acne cysts and its not just a teenage issue. There is no overnight remedy but there are treatments and products that help calm, heal and reduce the infection and proliferation of acne bacteria in the skin.

Full Face $245

Spot Treatment $75


The Main reasons for pigmentation is the effects of sun on the skin, damage to the skin from a wound or hormonal changes within the body. Depending on the reason for the pigmentation will determine the best type of treatment. There are treatments that will remove pigmentation and also help prevent new pigment from forming.

Full Face $245

Half Face $170

Spot Treatment $95

Skin Rejuvenation

This treatment is perfect for ageing skin, mainly to improve the collagen density, skin texture, tone and general pick me up, or refresher for the skin. It is the most gentlest of all IPL treatments. The idea is to irritate the tissue inflammatory mediators are released from the endothelial cells in the capillary wall to the dermal interstitial space where they cause mild inflammatory response. (wound) response, fibroblast stimulation and collagen deformation. There is no real wound, but using IPL in this way tricks the skin into creating this wound response.

Full Face $205

Vascular Treatment

The target for redness is the oxyhemoglobin in the blood. IPL can only treat the very small vessels high in the papillary layer of the dermis, they are suited to cheeks, nose, chin, decolletage and neck. Redness treatments are often the hardest of all IPL treatments to achieve results. Patience is required by both therapist and client. Working on small areas is best to help achieve a better result. With up to 6 treatments being needed 4 weeks apart. There may be a significant swelling in the area, blanching of the capillary with erythema in the skin, this can last up to 2-3 days.

Facial Treatment $150-$245