The amazing 4 oil blend becomes the Power of 5! Pure Fiji’s famous four oil blend of Virgin Coconut Oil, Macadamia, Sikeci and Dilo oil invigorates the healing, restorative boost of Virgin Moringa Oil to bring you a skin nourishing and repairing powerhouse in this now 5 oil blend. This nutrient-dense oil contains powerful antioxidants and fatty acids that are exceptionally moisturizing and ensure that vital nutrients penetrate deep into the skin.

The Moringa tree has grown in abundance in Fiji and the leaves and Moringa seed oil have been used for centuries for their nutritional and medicinal properties. Moringa Oleifera trees have been called the “miracle tree” for their powerful properties and all the amazing benefits this unique ingredient & super-food provides. Every piece of the Moringa tree contains a nutritional element: the bark, its oil & leaves. Moringa oil is extracted from the Moringa seeds growing in the pods that hang from this tree and we primarily use this nutrient-dense oil that is extremely rich in phytonutrients in this new Signature line of body products.

Infusion: Dazzling notes of zesty mandarin combined with fresh mulberry, crisp bergamot, creamy vanilla, gentle sweet honeysuckle and rich patchouli blend harmoniously together to bring you the fruity floral infusion that is Moringa.

Key Ingredients: Moringa oil